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Subject: Start your own SAAS Business with Trackurly
Wouldn't it be nice if you could own a product like Trackurly,Mailchimp, Olark, Zendesk, or BigCommerce? And instead of buying these tools, you could offer them as your products? Do not believe this. Check demo of all the tools you can offer as SAAS to . All You need to do is create a free account here and you can setup all tools inside one panel to see demo. Contact us for an interactive session.

I have a question for you today...

Currently We are offering following services with Live Demo available
1.Start your own membership site SAAS Business
2.Start your own Livechat SAAS Business
3.Start your own Email Marketing SAAS Business
4.Start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Business
5.Start your own Crypto Wallet Business
6.Start your own Site Uptime SAAS Business
7.Start your own Exit Intent Popup Business
8.Start your own Facebook Messanger Marketing Platform
9.Start your Online Form Builder Online Business
10.Start your own Helpdesk SAAS Business
11.Convert any PHP/Codeigniter/Laravel Project to SAAS

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But first...why are you receiving this email?

Have you noticed that there is a massive technology shift happening and most of the software companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon.. they all are slowly moving towards cloud based services and using subscription billing model.

Let's look at the biggest software company in the world. Microsoft.

As we all know until 2011 or so, Microsoft Office was a desktop based software. We used to pay and download the software. Then we simply had to install the software on our machines.

But now, we have Microsoft Office 365. This runs on both desktop, and Internet and all your files are automatically synced and available anywhere you want.

There are 100s of examples of internet or cloud based applications.

Just look around you.

You will find -

Zendesk - a cloud based helpdesk

Netflix - a cloud based movie club

e-Diet - a cloud based food delivery service

FreshBooks - a cloud based invoicing tool

Trackurly - a cloud based membership site building platform

...and lot others.

Now, it takes months, or even years, to create a rock solid software.

You need to spend thousands of dollars in hiring talented programmers, giving them an office space, investing in hardware and infrastructure, paying them salaries, and taking care of labour laws.

Believe me, it's NOT easy.

We have spent over 14 months to build just one cloud based apps - Trackurly. and today we run 3 cloud based apps.

And I won't even talk about the pain and hard work that we had to go through to bring Trackurlyto its current stage.

It has been an enormous effort so far.

But why the heck I am telling you all this?

Because I want to hand over the entire our SAAS Platform on a silver platter to you. And even let you change its name, logo, colors, and run it from your own domain name, as YOUR OWN cloud based service. And all that, without ever handling any technical support or worrying about servers, code, upgrades, and billing.

We have made it dead simple for everyone to start their own cloud based company.

Here's how our new program "SAAS Agency Maker" works:

You will receive a demo working on our demo server to test features. Once satisfied , We will move the same SAAS setup under your own domain. You own the files and all data of your customers. Our SAAS product can be easily setup on a vps of 4GB RAM and comes with very powerful recurring billing features.

You can create plans, configure payment gateway, manage orders, change colors of the admin area to match your brand, upload your logo, and even map the admin panel to your domain name so that the whole admin area runs from your own domain name, and not ours.

And I challenge you to find just one product in whole market that gives you such kind of dashboard and flexibility.

There is NONE.

Second, you will receive 100% technical support from us. Third, you will receive all payments from your customers, not us. Your customers will see your company name on their credit card statement.

And the best thing is, it comes as one time payment packages. So there is no recurring fees and you keep 100% profits to your pocket.

This is phenomenal. There's nothing on internet that provides you this kind of flexibility and freedom. No other platform or a SaaS company provides you the level of control that our SAAS dashboard gives you. You will remain in complete control.

We have left NO REASON for you to NOT MAKE MONEY.

I don't want to brag about all this but what we have built for you is going to set new trends and standards in cloud product market.

Think for yourself. What you are going to get is an insanely powerful and infinitely scalable system that you can bank upon.

We have taken away every objection, every barrier that has stopped you until this day from succeeding. You have a great product, and a great team backing you up all the time now.


I invite you to check the demo and features of these great SAAS white label apps. Contact us or simply reply this email or send us an email at for a free consultation today.

We will share all the details of "SAAS Agency Maker" Program during this free consultation. All you need to do is reply this email or shoot us an email at

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